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Big plans and updates for the LightHouse Holyoke move to the former Gateway City Arts three-building arts complex at 92 Race St. in Holyoke.

LightHouse Holyoke is growing! We are in the process of acquiring the former Gateway City Arts, a three-building arts complex just down the block from our current location. Opening at the new site in September.

Founded in 2015, LightHouse Holyoke is an accredited, private school for grades 6-12, with relationships with Holyoke Public Schools and six other local districts. More like college than high school, LightHouse is competency-based, meaning that we personalize learning for each student to achieve a robust and structured set of skills and understandings rather than simply complete an arbitrary sequence of courses.

Competency-based learning allows us to scaffold self-direction, build on personal strengths and interests, and open the entire world as a place of learning.

Flagship Campus

The media has been abuzz about it!
Here's a link to an article and photos on

We've got big plans:

  • Expanding our student body from 80 to 200 over the next few years
  • Creating a Production Academy, a new program within LightHouse for youth to learn skills entailed in the entertainment production industry, within the context of a live 500-seat venue.
  • Running a Bistro Program which will be a public facing cafe training interested students to cook, bake, brew, serve, and run a real cafe! 
  • Expanding our hugely popular Maker Space into a 7,000 sq ft wood shop and ceramics studio (which will also be available to the community)
  • Plus a theater, media lab, science lab, fine art studio, fiber arts studio, our relocated recording studio, meditation space, and several seminar-style classrooms.

Production Academy

LightHouse is partnering with Laudable Productions to reopen the former Gateway venues at 92 Race and develop an integrated "Production Academy" a vocational program for the entertainment industry. Through hands-on, real-world engagement, interested students will learn all of the skills involved in hosting shows and festivals, from artist management to sound and lighting, in the context of a live venue.

Interested youth and families should reach out to David Lane for information on how to get involved.

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Big Plans

Plans announced for LightHouse to acquire the three-building arts complex at 92 Race St.

Change of plans! After 18 months of trying every which way to make our vision for the Zion Building happen, skyrocketing renovation costs forced us to pull back from that project.

Into that open space came an incredible opportunity, to purchase the three-building Gateway City Arts complex down the block at 92 Race St. We've been working closely with Lori Divine and Vitek Kruta, co-owners and co-creators of Gateway City Arts to build on the amazing facility and foundation they created in Holyoke over the last 12 years.

Our goal is to open in the new space this coming September.

We are absolutely thrilled at the possibilities this acquisition offers. Here is the listing if you'd like to see photos.

The purchase includes three buildings, within which are two performance venues. The 100 person capacity, Divine Theater will be occupied by LightHouse by day for our theater program and other classes and activities, and will be shared with the community on evenings and weekends.

A second 500 person capacity venue is housed in a separate, adjacent building and will be leased to a partnering organization. The large venue (new name coming!)- will continue as a concert and performance hall for nationally touring acts AND become home to a Production Academy, a new program within LightHouse for youth to learn skills entailed in the entertainment production industry, from lighting to sound to artist management... within the context of a live venue.

The site also includes a cafe which is fully licensed and ready to reopen as a public facing cafe. We are currently seeking someone who would like to take on the lease of the cafe with a plan to work together to develop a sequence of courses and training leading to paid work in this student-run-cafe-to-be. The cafe will make lunch for us as well as serve the public.

The main building also has a 2,000 sq ft wood shop and a ceramics studio, both of which will be part of a community maker space which will offer classes to LightHouse students during the day and to the larger community during evenings and weekends.

Each floor of the main building is about 8,000 sq ft. LightHouse will occupy the first and second floors. The first floor will hold reception, our theater, and an open common room/cafeteria space. The second floor will hold our classrooms and offices, to include a media lab, a science lab, a fine art studio, a fiber arts studio, our relocated recording studio, a meditation space, and several seminar-style classroom spaces.

The third floor will be available for lease to friends or other nonprofits.

SO MUCH is in development. Very much looking forward to your collective thoughts and guidance and to sharing updates as they unfold. Our goal is to open in the new space in September with 90 students.

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LightHouse Brochure

First published in 2020, our brochure gives a beautiful overview of who and what we are.

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Impact Report FY 23

Annual Report for School Year 2023-2024

2022-2023 was a year of growth and learning for LightHouse Holyoke. We created new, sustainable systems to manage our rapid growth while staying focused on individuals and our student community. We call this Human Scale. Growing while maintaining our human connection. Read all about it.

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Hybrid Options

Both onsite and remote opportunities.

We offer full or partial remote advising, classes, and support for those who prefer or need to be offsite either temporarily or permanently.

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Accredited Diploma

Graduation requirements are competency-based.

LightHouse is a recognized private school, accredited through NEASC (New England Association of Schools and Colleges). We will continue supporting Holyoke Public School diplomas through our partnership with Opportunity Academy, as well as homeschool diplomas for students choosing that track.

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