Block Three of the 2023-2024 year begins on Tuesday, April 2 and continues through Friday, June 14, 2024.


There are LOTS of ways to support LightHouse. Offer an item from our wish list below, offer to purchase something, or share your idea. Contact us to discuss.  Thank you!

General Needs

LightHouse needs a few more pieces of comfortable, durable furniture.  Looking for modern, commercial grade pieces in very good condition only.  LightHouse has a clean, modern aesthetic.  We feel strongly that everyone deserves to learn in a beautiful environment.

  • commercial reception chairs
  • storage containers
  • large flatscreen TV
  • interesting art, including sculpture
  • a wall fountain
  • other ideas or items to offer?


Maker Space

Our Maker Space is accepting all kinds of donations to make a creative utopia.

  • hand tools of all kinds
  • high quality glue guns
  • glue sticks
  • interesting paper of all kinds
  • a surger
  • sewing supplies and tools
  • a cordless drill
  • paint brushes and non-oil paint
  • wood burner
  • markers and other art supplies
  • inspiring how-to books
  • other ideas or items to offer?

Music Program

We are accepting all kinds of donations to support our musicians and musicians-to-be.

  • external harddrive
  • bluetooth speaker
  • amps
  • cords
  • other instruments
  • stereo speakers
  • over ear headphones
  • other ideas or items to offer?


Additional Academic Resources

LightHouse is also accepting books, materials, and other traditional educational supplies.  We could use your help! LightHouse has a small in-house hard copy library.  We are happy to accept your most cherished titles that would be of interest to our teens. In addition, we could use:

  • a Kindle
  • donations of Kindle books through Amazon
  • measuring tools of all kinds
  • rulers
  • beakers
  • graduated cylinders
  • timers
  • calculators
  • magnifying glasses
  • scales
  • over-ear headphones
Contact us to discuss.
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