Block Three of the 2023-2024 year begins on Tuesday, April 2 and continues through Friday, June 14, 2024.

Our Students

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LightHouse is an Accredited Private School

LightHouse Holyoke is a nontraditional private school accredited by NEASC (New England Association of Schools and Colleges). We are a competency-based program charging tuition with partial scholarship available to qualifying families.

Incoming students tend to fall into one of several wide categories.

The Inspired: Young people with passions and interests with the desire to pursue them, seeking more time, support, and flexibility. They want to have a life that prioritizes meaningful learning.

Previously Struggling: Some students come from negative schooling experiences. They may learn differently, or be anxious, depressed, bullied, ostracized, struggling academically, or managing other challenges. Often they used to be inspired, but somewhere their light started to go out. LightHouse is a safe and nurturing environment that supports students as they develop confidence and interests, build on their strengths, and address challenges in time.

Teens who are Somewhere in the Middle: Open to the possibility of being inspired, but not really there yet. They are often doing fine academically, but while it may be easy enough, it doesn’t feel rewarding or meaningful. They suspect that there must be more to living than just getting through it, and they are ready to start now.

In-District Placement

LightHouse partners with Holyoke Public Schools and other local districts to serve students who are not thriving in a traditional setting. Enrollment is funded by the sending district. These spots are limited and are very much in demand. HPS students remain enrolled in Holyoke Public Schools while attending LightHouse, and must complete the same credit and MCAS requirements as other public school students in Massachusetts.

Students graduate with a Holyoke Public School diploma through our innovative partnership with Holyoke's Opportunity Academy. We personalize the learning experience and engage students in re-imagining who they are as learners. With guidance and support from a trusted advisor, students and staff collaborate to create meaningful and relevant learning experiences, directed by the student and documented in their digital portfolio.


LightHouse works with each student's home district to fulfill all legal homeschooling requirements while attending LightHouse. Advantages to this program are IEP support through the home district as well as access to sports and extra curricular activities.

Homeschooling students can design their own programs without completing the competency requirements (unless they want to.)

Regular communication with all our families emphasizes the positive growth students are making every day through addressing personal challenges and engaging in authentic learning experiences. The mission of LightHouse is to change what school can be, and this extends to how we work with families.

Admissions & Tuition

Our admission process is as flexible as our academic programs. We schedule tours and meetings with families every week. Enrollment is open as long as we have space available throughout the year. Tuition reduction is available to qualifying families.
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