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Competency-Based Education

Competency-based education, or (CBE), is an approach to learning where students master a defined and transparent set of core competencies. Evaluation, progress, and ultimately, graduation, are determined through developing skills and knowledge in any number of ways rather than focusing solely on the time they’ve spent in any particular class or completion of adult-directed assignments.

Rather than requiring a universal sequence of courses for all students, LightHouse supports each student to design, direct, and document their learning with individualized supports, pacing, and structures that engage and challenge them both as individuals and as members of. our larger community.


LightHouse partners with The Mastery Transcript Consortium (MTC) to create a digital transcript to document and share student learning with colleges and other post graduate programs. Working with MTC allows us to offer a much more robust and holistic representation of each student than is possible with a simple, traditional letter grade transcript. When students are ready they can share a private, direct link with admissions departments that details their competency-based work and specific skills and achievements.

As digital, interactive documents, the Mastery Transcript provides a compact “top layer” that can be quickly scanned, with additional information layered beneath for readers who want to dive deeper into a learner’s credentials.

Learners own their own profile page and can choose to feature particular projects and achievements. The published version remains a school record, and it contains information to help readers understand the learner’s achievements in the context of their school and cohort.

We don’t reduce learners to single numbers, but we do hold them to high standards. When learners master critical skills and content, they earn competencies which combine to create a clear, succinct visualization of each learner’s strengths.

These records are created to support learners in a variety of post-high school goals, whether that be admission to a selective four-year university, placement at a community college, or entry into the workforce.

Visual of competencies for mastery transcript
swirl graphic of explore-develop-synthesize credit areas with capstone in the center

LightHouse has three interwoven Credit Areas to help guide students through our Competency-Based Learning process:

  • Develop
  • Explore
  • Synthesize

which together inform a culminating Capstone project which students focus on in their final year.

LightHouse graduates demonstrate proficiency in 20 core competencies ranging from typical skill sets in mathematics to broad understandings in concepts like identity, empathy, and social justice. In addition to our required, foundational competencies, learners have the option to work through up to 10 advanced competencies in both traditional academic skill sets as well as additional attainments in leadership, technical abilities, and other valuable personal development like Advanced Wellness.

Read more about our competencies and attainments in our Light Cycle document.

FULL STORY Of Compentencies

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