NEW students start on Tuesday, September 3, 2024. Returning students come back on September 4!

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Experts vary on how many students are currently exhibiting "school refusal" or "school avoidance." Somewhere between 5% and 28% of students in the US find themselves extremely reluctant to attend school regularly. It's a thing.

LightHouse is not a therapeutic school and we do not diagnose or treat school refusal. 

We meet each student where they are, without judgement or shame. We are not angry or disappointed when a young person is struggling. We know that this is not their preference. 

Advisors build close, collaborative, respectful, voluntary relationships with each young person, scaffolding a self-directed curriculum. Our competencies provide a flexible structure for students to develop, pursue, and document their individualized learning at a pace that is appropriately challenging. 

We rely heavily on circle practice and restorative practices to manage conflict. We care deeply about each individual and work closely with each family to create a network of care. We listen. As much as possible, we play.

We create the conditions and community for young people to remember who they really are and reimagine what they are capable of. Here's what our students and parents have to say:

Yeiren, Spring, 2023

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When everything about school is different, you will love learning.

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