Block Three of the 2023-2024 year begins on Tuesday, April 2 and continues through Friday, June 14,.


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Impact Report FY 23

Annual Report for School Year 2023-2024

2022-2023 was a year of growth and learning for LightHouse Holyoke. We created new, sustainable systems to manage our rapid growth while staying focused on individuals and our student community.
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Graduation 2024

LightHouse will celebrate our 2024 graduates on Friday, June 14 at Wistariahurst Museum in Holyoke.
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Our Mission

LightHouse Holyoke is changing what school can be.
Our Founding Beliefs

Powerful Numbers


Student to staff ratio

Personalized, not standardized.


Average class size

Doing work that matters.


Towns served

Our diversity is our greatest strength.

Our Approach

The LightHouse educational experience goes well beyond conventional practices and offers a personalized approach for young people aged 13 and older. We are supporting students to do much more than get by or get through it, but to thrive. 

LightHouse is a competency-based program, meaning we value learning and individual development over seat-time or arbitrary curriculum. We change the teacher-student relationship entirely to create a truly collaborative process that is founded in trust and mutual respect.
Knowledge and Understanding
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Competency-based education is a learner-centered alternative to traditional letter grades. Each student’s unique set of strengths, needs, interests, goals, family and cultural background, and experiences are nurtured and leveraged to enable them to develop a host of research-based competencies using an array of personalized resources both inside and outside of LightHouse.
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