NEW students start on Tuesday, September 3, 2024. Returning students come back on September 4!


Colleges seek stars who shine beyond grades. 

Be extraordinary. 

Being extraordinary means pursuing unique passions with exceptional dedication. It's about pursuing interests that are truly meaningful to you. 

Stand out.

A sea of applicants all have good grades. Develop your unique perspective through new experiences. Students pursuing interesting lives are set apart.
LightHouse gives students the time and support to discover and develop your distinctive strengths and passions. Pursue interests that are truly meaningful to you and colleges take notice. We can help.

Personal Guidance & Support

We know that learning extends beyond the classroom. Students work with their advisor to connect interests, classes, and projects into a personalized curriculum.

Your advisor will help you schedule tutorials, pursue independent study, and access resources both at LightHouse and in the community. This relationship is at the core of the LightHouse experience.

Vini, Class of 2024


"I’ve learned a lot from my classes at LightHouse, but more than that, I’ve also acquired the ability to pursue things that I’m curious about on my own. I’ve learned how to ask for what I need in order to have the best environment for my learning, and I've gained the confidence to advocate for myself, both at school and outside of it."

"Some advice that I would give to a new LightHouse student is to try as many different types of classes as possible, and to not worry about what you “should” be doing at school. At LightHouse, there are tools to help you figure out what you’re really interested in, and how to integrate that into your academic career. You don’t need to be concerned only with simply meeting requirements, and should allow yourself to explore."

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The best preparation for your future is a meaningful present.

Expand your vision of what education can be.

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