LightHouse Holyoke is growing! We are in the process of acquiring the former Gateway City Arts, a three-building arts complex just down the block from our current location. Opening at the new site in September.

Founded in 2015, LightHouse Holyoke is an accredited, private school for grades 6-12, with relationships with Holyoke Public Schools and six other local districts. More like college than high school, LightHouse is competency-based, meaning that we personalize learning for each student to achieve a robust and structured set of skills and understandings rather than simply complete an arbitrary sequence of courses.

Competency-based learning allows us to scaffold self-direction, build on personal strengths and interests, and open the entire world as a place of learning.

Flagship Campus

The media has been abuzz about it!
Here's a link to an article and photos on masslive.com

We've got big plans:

Production Academy

LightHouse is partnering with Laudable Productions to reopen the former Gateway venues at 92 Race and develop an integrated "Production Academy" a vocational program for the entertainment industry. Through hands-on, real-world engagement, interested students will learn all of the skills involved in hosting shows and festivals, from artist management to sound and lighting, in the context of a live venue.

Interested youth and families should reach out to David Lane for information on how to get involved.