Video Message

By // April 23, 2020

Hello from LightHouse! We hope you are all safe and well! Our new and temporary world of online livin’ is going remarkably well at LightHouse. Hopefully you are making it through these distance-days intact, too! Our holistic and collaborative approach to supporting learning in young people in Pre-Pan Time turns out to be excellent preparation for distance-life learning during a … Read More

Entering Virtual Reality

By // April 22, 2020

You’ve probably heard the news… The state of Massachusetts has decided to keep schools closed for the remainder of this school year :( Of course this is not a decision anyone has made lightly, and not what anyone wants. We wish it were otherwise! LightHouse will continue online, of course, and learning goes on! We will continue to maintain our … Read More

Vacation Week

By // April 19, 2020

This is Week is Vacation Week Monday, April 2o through Friday, April 24. No classes or regular advisory meetings. BUT we’ll be having some offerings Monday through Thursady from 10:00-11:00 am and again at 1:00-2:00 pm. Here’s the schedule:MONDAY, APRIL 20 10:00-11:00 AM Epi and Catherine will cohost a Sharing Session. What are some resources, movies, channels, projects… that you … Read More

Could it be LightHouse

By // April 17, 2020

Dear LightHouse Another short video, this one made by Carlos. A lovely day from the time before- and a time that will be again! Could it be LightHouse Today! Friday! At 1:00 Ashley and Carlos are leading a netflix watch party. Join in at 1:00 and vote on the options to enjoy together. Next Week is Vacation Week No classes … Read More

Dear LightHouse

By // April 15, 2020

Video message from staff to students Online just isn’t the same… though we’re making the best of it and TONS of learning is happening. All the classes are going strong, and tutorials and independent study projects, too. Our engagement is nearly 100%. And- we’re certainly looking forward to seeing your beautiful faces in person ASAP. We have staff meeting on … Read More

Block 3 Week 2

By // April 9, 2020

Once upon a time we went places and did things And we will again! Here’s a 40 second video from Carlos to remind us that it was all real (and will be again.) CHECK IT OUT. This Friday 1:00 PM Virtual Tour of Yellowstone National Park and Yosemite National Park! Followed by a group online game. Reach out for the … Read More

Week 3 Block 3

By //

We hope you all had lovely weekends, whatever that means now :) Next week is April Vacation! Some schools aren’t taking the break because they have been mostly on break so far… but we were up and running right away as you know. LightHouse staff have been working double overtime (hopefully you’ve noticed,) and are looking forward to their scheduled … Read More


By // April 2, 2020

Strong start for week one classes Almost everyone is participating in our livestream classes, and they are going super well! There’s some really great offerings this block, and students are still welcome to jump in or add more. Take a look at the calendar and talk to your advisor. Tutors available, too! Photo above is from World Geography yesterday. This … Read More


By // March 31, 2020

College Acceptance Letters Rolling In! Many of our seniors applied to four year schools for next year, and the acceptance letters are pouring in. So exciting. Our students have had yesses from over a dozen schools, including Emmanuel College, UMass Dartmouth, UMass Boston, Hampshire College, University of Maine… and many, many more. Lots of choices available for students graduating from … Read More

March 27

By // March 30, 2020

Happy Friday! Graduation will still happen! Onsite school is on hold until at least May 4, per order of Governor Baker, but it won’t stay this way forever! Don’t despair. This is hard and may be lonely, but it is temporary. We will be back together eventually, and when we are, we will have graduation. For now, it’s still scheduled … Read More