By // April 2, 2020

Strong start for week one classes

Almost everyone is participating in our livestream classes, and they are going super well! There’s some really great offerings this block, and students are still welcome to jump in or add more. Take a look at the calendar and talk to your advisor. Tutors available, too!
Photo above is from World Geography yesterday. This whole situation is less than ideal, obviously, but there really are some positives about the online learning.

A round of applause for our parents and caregivers!

Thank you!
This is a challenging moment. Stress and anxiety and fear are through the roof on a global scale. We’re stuck in our houses together. This is hard!

Meanwhile we’re trying to still have school. We’re trying to use this time as productively and positively as possible. The kids are all home with you and out of our sight, (and sometimes prone to sleeping late…) Thank you for working together with us to keep everyone engaged and moving forward.

Now more than ever we need to work together for the benefit of each of our students, and it’s happening. Please give yourselves a hug and a slap on the back from all of us on staff. (But no handshakes. Handshakes are over :)

This Friday

Last week’s virtual group tour of Disney was super fun! This Friday we are going on a tour of the Great Wall of China and then we are playing an online Pictionary game. 1:00-3:00.

Join us on Zoom! (If you haven’t already, please go to zoom.us and set up an account in advance. It’s free and takes one minute.)

Here’s the link to join us at the Great Wall of China!

Wish List

LightHouse is giving computers to students who need them. We still have a few to give away, but our extended community is large and there is lots of need. If you have a functioning laptop that you can let go of please let us know and we will deliver it to a young person who needs it.

In addition, we need keyboards and mice for some of the computers that we have otherwise ready to go. Please be in touch if you have any you could donate.

We also added some to our Amazon Wish List if you’d like to take a look.  THANK YOU!

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