What the Teens Had to Say

By // June 28, 2016

The last week of the school year was presentation week, and every teen presented to the rest of the group about a highlight from their year. It was inspiring to not only to hear what each person to chose to present about, but also to see the many different formats they chose for their presentations (live demos, PowerPoints, readings, and more). It was also great to see the teens take the floor and present to one another, and being a wonderfully supportive audience for their peers.

During the presentations, a number of teens also talked about what their experience at LightHouse was like this past year. Though we have witnessed much of their experiences, I was still awestruck to hear their reflections in their own words. Here are a few highlights:

  • “I learned that it’s possible to not fear going to school.”
  • “My anger got a lot better. I learned that [fighting] isn’t always the answer.”
  • “Since I came to LightHouse, I’ve been able to express myself a lot more, both at school and at home.”
  • “My life has changed a lot, positively, since I came here.”
  • “This has easily been a much better experience than any other school I could go to.”
  • “I feel as though people here accept and enjoy me. I feel included for once.”
  • “I actually want to be at school. I met a lot of new friends. I feel a lot happier nowadays. It’s becoming a lot easier for me to handle things like stress and things like that. I’m doing things and learning things I wouldn’t even have thought of before. I’m no longer being bullied.”

Inspiring and moving! And what a great way to end the year.

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