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By // April 23, 2020

Hello from LightHouse!

We hope you are all safe and well!
Our new and temporary world of online livin’ is going remarkably well at LightHouse. Hopefully you are making it through these distance-days intact, too!

Our holistic and collaborative approach to supporting learning in young people in Pre-Pan Time turns out to be excellent preparation for distance-life learning during a pandemic.

We’re grateful to have had some key ingredients in place which are really serving our students now. In equal measure, these are: Strong connections, trust, and communication lines with both teens and parents A foundation in voluntary learning Since we went online on March 16 our engagement is pretty much 100%. Some students are in class all day every day, and others are working on various asychronous projects independently or with tutors in real-time, and attending some classes…

That’s all normal for us, online or onsite. There are so many ways to learn!

At LightHouse we build relationships with students to support their learning and progress in ways that make sense and feel meaningful to each individual.

We know that this approach is excellent preparation for life after high school. Turns out it’s also excellent preparation for offsite learning during a pandemic!

Thank goodness, because in many ways things are harder than ever for many of our students. As you know, this pandemic is disproportionately impacting low income communities and communities of color, including ours. Many of our students live with challenging realities in the best of times, and for some these personal and community issues have increased substantially, including gun violence, domestic violence, food insecurity, and more.

We are grateful to be able to stay connected and to continue to support each of our students through this extra hard period. Many thanks to YOU, our extended community, for helping to make it all possible.
Help us continue this important work!

Our Monthly Giving program begins at just $5/month, and adds up to huge impact over time by allowing us to plan programming around expected income.

We very much appreciate one-time gifts, as well. Thank you!
Your gift provides:

♥︎ Additional time in following up and following through with some of our most at risk students

♥︎ Technology and computers for students in need

♥︎ Training for staff in teaching and engaging online

  Give Now

Much more ahead, including an online art show… Stay with us!

♥︎ Catherine, Epi, Carlos, Ashley, Luz, Emmett, Raffi, Surya, and Everyone at LightHouse

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