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By // April 29, 2016

As part of the LightHouse Holyoke family, this is our story.

Last September Faith and I found ourselves at a stand still. We had no school that she could attend and actually stay in. So we searched around and through a good friend we heard of LightHouse. Excited, we scheduled a meeting with Nelson Roman and Josiah Litant. To our surprise they were charming and informing. They gave us a setting that was not offered in public schools, a program that would encourage Faith to succeed at everything she puts her mind to. What an excellent and accomplishing outlook for a troubled and bored child.

As the year has progressed and is now winding down to the end I can tell you that our experience has been very challenging and also successful. My child has astonished me in ways that I never imagined. LightHouse has helped her with art, music, social skills, managing her time, helping the community, and even an internship in the Mayor’s Office (Mayor Morse). As a parent I enjoyed the meetings we’ve had and most of all the “Co-Parenting relationship.” It has been a pleasure watching her grow and experience life.

Through Light House Faith will be an amazing asset to our society. The Matos family thanks God first and foremost and LightHouse for opening its doors to Faith Matos.



LightHouse is a community-supported organization. More than 80{5b128d0e93d7a9f6330c62ad07a90d114acff0a757d73b21460feebca967f67c} of our families receive substantial scholarship in order to attend, and this is made possible almost entirely through personal donations.

Please support our work with families like Faith’s at Valley Gives, an online fundraiser happening on Tuesday, May 3. You can schedule your donation now:

Thank you!!

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