The Truth About Trust

trust is an essential ingredient at LightHouse

By // February 13, 2016

Relationships at LightHouse are founded on trust. We trust that our students really do want to learn and to build interesting, positive, and healthy lives. We know this is true for every single one of our students.

We also know that learning how to build this life is a process that develops and changes over time. We trust our students to communicate their needs, preferences, and dreams as we build relationships together.   It’s our job as staff to respond, suggest, offer feedback, and help access useful resources.  As a result students invest in projects and learning that they really care about and will really remember. Along the way, in addition to content, they also build significant skills in the vital areas of communication and collaboration. It looks different than traditional school- and it feels different, too.

LightHouse is certainly not alone in this approach to education. Nearly every day we hear more voices and learn about more programs doing similar work. Following are excerpts from a 2014 article in MindShift written by Katrina Schwartz, “Why Trust is a Crucial Ingredient in Shaping Independent Learners.”

“Creating learning opportunities that don’t rely on lectures, textbooks or sitting quietly goes against established educational patterns and can feel foreign to many adults who learned that way themselves. It requires trust, but once given, can often produce incredible projects from students that might never have materialized without giving them the freedom to think and act independently, Luhtala said.”

““Passive learning is really not an effective way to teach these kids,” Luhtala said. “The reality is that kids will retain less than ten percent of what we say in a lecture setting. So we need to empower them to become independent learners.””

You can read the full MindShift article here:

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