Will this be on the test?

inspired not required

By // September 12, 2015

So much of what Seth Godin writes and shares represents what LightHouse is about. Today’s daily post from Seth, for example, speaks directly to why LightHouse uses portfolios rather than grades. “Will this be on the test?” “The test, of course, offers nothing but downside. No extra credit, just points marked off. The test is the moment where you must … Read More

Learning is something you choose

learning is something you choose

By // April 18, 2015

Learning is something you choose.  This isn’t news.  One need only look at your own life and observe your own interests, hobbies, and passions.  Does anyone make you do them?  Could anyone force you to bend over your woodworking for hours on end, or your art piece, or to read your spy novel late into the night?  No one could make … Read More