Getting on the (right) bus

By // January 9, 2017

This post was written by guest blogger–and LightHouse teacher–Amelia Sawyer. Over winter break, as I reconnected with family and friends who I see less regularly, I found myself telling everyone who’d listen how much I love teaching at LightHouse. While we sat around, eating and watching snow fall and eating some more, I’d describe this special place’s warm, open environment, … Read More


By // September 29, 2015

Respect is a core value at LightHouse.  We have very few rules over here, but a commitment to treating everyone and everything at LightHouse with respect is one of them.  It’s an easy rule to make, and who would disagree that this is an essential aspect of any learning environment?  To truly create a respectful atmosphere, however, it’s not so … Read More