Progress on Soucey Park

lighthouse students work on designs for Soucey Park

By // February 20, 2016

LightHouse is committed to improving our local community, and Soucey Park is high on our list. As part of our program at LightHouse, students choose community projects to work on every Friday. The goal is for our students to learn to take positive action in improving their community and their world. The first project they chose back in September of … Read More

Update on Soucey Park

By // November 15, 2015

LightHouse students have taken on the project of manifesting the restoration of Soucey Park, the small, neglected park on Clemente Street right near our building.  Soucey Park is currently in serious disrepair, and a blight in the neighborhood.  We’ve been spending part of every Friday so far this year focusing on how we can change that. The best thing about … Read More


Halloween decorating at LightHouse

By // October 19, 2015

Friday is our community project day at LightHouse. While everything at LightHouse is optional, we especially stress the optionality of Fridays. No computers, no mayhem. Just working together as a group to work on various community projects that the group chooses together. Teens who aren’t interested should stay home that day or find something else to do. Not joining us … Read More

Ribbon-Cutting Recap

LightHouse ribbon-cutting with Mayor Alex Morse

By // October 12, 2015

We hosted the LightHouse Ribbon-Cutting and Open House Celebration on Tuesday, October 6, and it went so well!  We were honored and excited by such a great turnout.  Local politicians, nonprofit leaders, friends, parents, teachers- so many stakeholders from our community came to see the space and show their support.  Very exciting.  We were especially appreciative of the kind words … Read More

Why Holyoke?

By // February 26, 2015

We’ve been asked a lot why we decided to launch LightHouse in Holyoke. There are a couple of reasons why Holyoke presents a great opportunity for this program. First, teens should have the opportunity to choose from a variety of educational options, being able to decide for themselves and their family what is the best fit. In and around Holyoke … Read More