Ribbon-Cutting Recap

LightHouse ribbon-cutting with Mayor Alex Morse

By // October 12, 2015

We hosted the LightHouse Ribbon-Cutting and Open House Celebration on Tuesday, October 6, and it went so well!  We were honored and excited by such a great turnout.  Local politicians, nonprofit leaders, friends, parents, teachers- so many stakeholders from our community came to see the space and show their support.  Very exciting.  We were especially appreciative of the kind words of support and encouragement from Mayor Alex Morse.  Please check out the short video below.  We agree 100{5b128d0e93d7a9f6330c62ad07a90d114acff0a757d73b21460feebca967f67c} with Mayor Morse, of course.  LightHouse is a community project, and a necessary innovation in education.  All students want to succeed, and we need to create more options, more inspiring settings to serve all learners.

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