Pathways offer a balance between structure and choice. Like choosing a major, Pathways are designed to help you move forward toward your goals.

Read below to learn more about each of our programs in Entrepreneurship, Tech, Arts, and College Prep.

Each pathway is supported by an Advisory Team, experts guiding the vision, content, and implementation of each program.


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people on a dockLearn to start your own business and turn your ideas and skills into money.

An entrepreneurial mindset is one of the most useful assets you can have in our changing world. Whether you go on to start your own business or not, anyone can benefit from learning basic financial skills, as well as how to present yourself in the world.

In September, 2020 LightHouse is launching a full Entrepreneurship and Design Program directed by Carlos Peña. Click below for full details.

Entrepreneurship and Design


wire spacePursue your interests in computers and more.  Work toward in-demand job skills, or just for fun.

LightHouse will offer a series of beginner courses and support for teens looking to gain skills in programming, web development, and beyond. Teens who advance will be connected with a mentor expert to further develop their skills and prepare for their next steps.

The logical and creative thinking involved in tech are useful in any future endeavor.


painted butterflyMake Art!  LightHouse plans to offer classes in a variety of artistic disciplines, including music, visual art, dance, and theater.

Whether you plan to continue on to a career in the arts or not, studying art is fun! Learning to express yourself and develop your creative abilities will enhance your life AND prepare you for any future endeavor as you learn to collaborate, think creatively, and take risks.

College Prep

book in the grassPlanning to attend college in the future? The College Prep Pathway will take you there.

Develop your skills and expand your knowledge in a range of traditional and nontraditional topics, and build a competitive transcript.

The College Prep Pathway will help you find and explore interests and get ready for any college experience.



Have a different focus in mind? Excellent! We’ll work with you to map your own pathway, and help identify and locate the resources that are right for you.

Focused on engineering, a science, a trade, or another vision? Your advisor and additional LightHouse staff will help you envision and prepare for your next steps. The world is your campus.

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