lighthouse holyoke at northfire

By // February 27, 2016

lighthouse at northfireWhat a gift! Huge thanks to Garrett Sawyer and Jay Metcalf and everyone at Northfire Recording Studio. As one of our students said many times throughout the day, it was a dream come true.

We thought we were just going to have a tour, but it turned into a recording session! In 90 minutes the group wrote, performed, recorded and mixed the following track. It’s sort of impressive. It’s so great in part because our students are so talented and enthusiastic, and made possible in that time frame due to the expertise of chief engineer Garrett Sawyer.

Musicians: Jonathan, Jaromer, Alexis, Carlos, and Kiara with editing support and direction from Twix, Emily, Alanis, and Alia.

Super fun.  Check it out:

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