New World Day One

By // March 16, 2020

Hello from LightHouse!

Welcome to our strange, new world!

We’re here with you figuring it out. Things are changing quickly in this unprecedented moment, but please be confident that we are here and will stay connected. We will continue learning together while our onsite space is closed. We will be in touch every day with updates.
Unfortunately, along with most everything else, our Bueno Day that had been scheduled for today is postponed.

Here’s the plan:

Following the directive from the governor, all school buildings will be closed until April 7. Our facility at LightHouse is closed, but we are open. All classes that can be online, will be. Advisors will be in touch directly with students every day, and send updates to parents as well. Please be in touch anytime with questions.

You can see the calendar of classes HERE. Students are invited to join these classes even if they were not previously enrolled, and they should talk to their advisors about this option.

Students are asked to hold daily facetime or phone call meetings with their advisor, to attend online classes and tutorials, and to complete and submit work online. Our primary modalities will be Google Hangouts, which is free and easy to use, as well as texting, talking, and/or face timing with staff.

Advisors will be in touch with each student today to discuss schedules and make plans. Additional tutorials can be added and we have UMass tutors available for remote sessions in Math, English, Social Studies, and other subjects. Please discuss with your advisor to set these up.
Online LightHouse classes will begin TOMORROW. Please be receptive to your advisor today so that you can be ready to go.

Please be in touch with us ANYTIME with your questions and concerns. We’re all in this together!

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