March 27

By // March 30, 2020

Happy Friday!

Graduation will still happen!

Onsite school is on hold until at least May 4, per order of Governor Baker, but it won’t stay this way forever! Don’t despair. This is hard and may be lonely, but it is temporary. We will be back together eventually, and when we are, we will have graduation.

For now, it’s still scheduled for June 12. If we have to postpone, we will, but it will not be cancelled. Worst case scenario is for graduation to happen in July or August. But it will happen. We will share news on this as it comes to us, but in the meantime, don’t worry. It’s a crazy time, but your graduation is not forgotten.


By Carlos. A quick montage of the snow shoeing trip to Eagle Eye on 2/28/20. Check it out!

Wish List

LightHouse is giving computers to students who need them. We still have a few to give away, but our extended community is large and there is lots of need. If you have a functioning laptop that you can let go of please let us know and we will deliver it to a young person who needs it.

In addition, we need keyboards and mice for some of the computers that we have otherwise ready to go. Please be in touch if you have any you could donate.

We also added some to our Amazon Wish List if you’d like to take a look.  THANK YOU!

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