Lucky us! Making Holyoke connections

By // March 9, 2015

Lucky for us, LightHouse doesn’t have all the resources it needs- not even close- and so we absolutely have to make partnerships and connections and collaborate.

LightHouse can’t just plop itself down in Holyoke and open for business, we don’t have the money.  How lucky is that?!

This scarcity creates the necessity to build a network and get input.  What’s happening already?  What does the community need and want?  Where do we fit in?  What can we add?  Who can we partner with?

Even if we wanted to- which we don’t- we cannot operate independently.  We are highly motivated around making Holyoke connections- because we want to, and because we have to.

Ironically, our current need is generating our greatest asset- a team.  I have a lot of ideas, but they are ALWAYS improved upon by all the smart and insightful people that I get to work with.  We’re new to Holyoke, and we’re having so much fun meeting so many amazing people who have been living and working here for years, who really know this community and its needs.

We could not possibly just show up and create something useful and relevant for teens here without the guidance and support of people who have been working and living here already.  Lucky for us, it’s not even an option to try.  We need a team!  (and one is really coming together.  check us out:

Want to be part of empowering teens in Holyoke?  Get in touch! [email protected]

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