Lou Franco on the DIGITS project, closing the STEM gap

By // April 8, 2015

LightHouse is thrilled to be connected to local programming expert, Lou Franco.  Lou is part of our Tech Advisory Team, an occasional writer for Adecco, and a volunteer for the Massachusetts DIGIT project, bringing inspired STEM education to middle schoolers.

Following is an excerpt from Lou’s recent post on his work with DIGITS.  You can read the whole piece on the ADECCO site, here: http://blog.adeccousa.com/stem-partnerships-with-youth-organizations/

According to research done by the DIGITS project in Massachusetts, if you ask a middle- schooler what kinds of jobs use Math and Science, the most common answers are Math Teacher, Banker, or Cashier. But, after they’ve had a visit from a STEM professional through their program, the kids know about Programmers, Medical Technicians, Engineers, Architects and many other careers, and they are much more likely to be interested in studying more advanced topics in Math and Science.

Kids would love jobs in STEM if they knew about them.


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