Lights On at LightHouse

By // March 20, 2020

Turns out that online learning is actually pretty fun.

Along with Near-Everything-in-the-Known-World, LightHouse is closed onsite until at least April 7. In a feat of amazing (if we do say so), LightHouse closed its physical doors on Friday, March 13 and opened them again online on Monday, March 16. Not bad.

Our incredible staff made this happen with such immediacy because our kids need us.

Many of our kids need us double extra because they may not have an abundance of other positive support, and All of our kids need us because we are a learning community together, and we humans thrive like that.

So far we have:

♥︎ Launched 12 online classes (that had previously been held in person)

♥︎ Launched 10 one-on-one tutorials (that had previously been held in person)

♥︎ Met with almost every single student by phone or facetime almost every day this week

♥︎ Connected with every parent by phone or facetime, many of them every day this week

♥︎ Delivered computers to several students who could not connect otherwise

♥︎ Delivered packets of work and art supplies
In addition, we have retained all of our Core Staff and everyone who relies on LightHouse for a paycheck.

We are committed to our students and they thrive because of this. We hope you can help us keep the lights on in this time of great uncertainty.

Help us continue this important work!

Your gift provides:

♥︎ Training for staff in teaching and engaging online

♥︎ Technology and computers for students in need

♥︎ Additional time in following up and following through with some of our most at risk students

Please give now.

Much more ahead. Stay with us!

♥︎ Catherine, Epi, Carlos, Ashley, Luz, Emmett, Raffi, and Everyone at LightHouse

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