Statement from the
LightHouse Board of Directors

LightHouse Plan for Fall ReOpening 2020
August 25, 2020

Part of our responsibility as educators, administrators, parents and board members is to do all that we can to help guide our LightHouse students in this difficult time. As we all know, there is no substitute for the attention and engagement that is only possible with in-person learning. For many of the students and families in the LightHouse community, LightHouse is a critically important aspect of their lives. The LightHouse Executive Director, Staff and Board are working together to design a hybrid in-person and remote learning plan to meet the unique needs of our entire community of students, families, staff and other partners, including surrounding school districts. We will also offer a full online program for those who prefer to remain at a distance.

The LightHouse educational philosophy is founded on collaboration and transparency.  These same principles apply to our approach to COVID-19 and our fall reopening plan which will be conducted with continued close communication and collaboration with students, their families, staff and the board.

It is the position of the LightHouse Board that any school reopening plan needs to take into consideration the fast moving pace and uncertainty surrounding COVID-19. We recognize the need for rapid evaluation and modification of our operational plan. A newly appointed Task Force to support LightHouse’s reopening plan, which includes four board members and the Executive Director and a possible additional staff person (at the discretion of the Executive Director), will be working to ensure the implementation of a safe plan.

The Board of LightHouse supports the Lighthouse Fall 2020 reopening plan in accordance with CDC guidelines and the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE),

The LightHouse Board