July Update (a.k.a. we’re really busy!)

By // July 29, 2015

As September approaches we are busier than ever getting everything in place for our opening year. I can’t believe how quickly time is flying by! We are very excited to be moving towards finally opening, and we have been getting a lot done in preparation. Here are a few highlights of what we’ve been up to:

  • Selecting classes: Catherine has been reviewing proposals for classes for the fall. The LightHouse staff will be teaching classes, of course, but we will also have six to eight folks from the community who are coming in to teach as well. We were delighted to find so many local community folks interested in teaching at LightHouse–we got over 30 proposals!
  • Growing our staff: This summer we conducted a search for two Associate Directors to join me and Catherine, and we just wrapped up the process. Stay tuned for an announcement soon about the awesome individuals we have hired!
  • Building our space: We have been overseeing a massive building project. The space is really coming along. It’s all completely framed out and drywall is going in as we speak. New windows are being installed next week, and then painting will begin shortly after that. Lots of progress on the construction is happening very quickly, and we have started buying furniture. If you’re interested in seeing the progress, follow us on Facebook to see photos as we have them.
  • Fundraising and friend-raising: We have been working on fundraising to support our budget for the coming year. Every dollar raised helps us to offer scholarship money to a LightHouse student who will thrive in the program. More fundraising projects are on the way in August. And, of course, we are continually working to build new friendships and partnerships for LightHouse; we have now had over 200 individual meetings throughout the local and regional community…and counting…
  • Recruiting awesome students!: We are moving towards having 30 students at LightHouse this fall, and we are continuing to recruit dynamic, interesting teens to join the program. Know someone who would be a great fit? Tell them to contact us soon to get in for the fall!

I could probably go on and on, but suffice it to say that things are moving quickly, and we are in good shape to be ready for September 8–opening day!

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