Impressed by innovation

By // March 6, 2015

We got to attend the annual meeting of the Holyoke Innovation District (HID) yesterday, at the Massachusetts Green High Performance Computing Center. We are hoping to locate LightHouse in the area of the first canal/Race St. (right in the midst of the HID), so we wanted to learn about the great work that’s been happening in this part of town…and there’s a LOT of great work! It was impressive to hear about the number of things that are happening because of the HID, it’s members, and it’s awesome director, Katie Stebbins (who is leaving to work for the Secretary of Housing and Economic Development, we learned last night—great for her and the Commonwealth, bummer for HID!).

In addition to all the projects and initiatives that have taken off just in the last year alone, we also saw Girls, Inc. of Holyoke honored with a $20,000 grant from the Massachusetts Technology Collaborative. Way to go, Girls, Inc.! So many great things are happening in Holyoke, and we are excited to be a part of that. If you don’t know about the HID, check out their website. The folks involved are working hard to bring more opportunities to downtown, all of which means more potential collaborations for LightHouse. The potential is almost endless!


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