Imagine Loving Learning

By // March 29, 2017

From a LightHouse Parent:

“Imagine a teenager who loves school, thinks there are too many vacation days in an academic year, and believes summers are too long…

That’s our daughter, Alice. She became a LightHouse student last year, at age 13. She’s always loved learning and spent her earlier years at home with her dad and younger brother. When she became a teenager, we knew she needed more. More time to grow on her own, learn from others, and discover her passions.

LightHouse has provided her with an abundance of opportunities, resources and kindness. It’s an incredible community that inspires her to challenge herself, experience life outside of the classroom, and pursue her own interests.

I wish LightHouse was an option when I was in school, but I’m so grateful that it is here today. The world could use more schools just like it.”

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