I’m on it.

By // April 13, 2016

My name is Alexis Diaz de Jesus. My story begins in South Holyoke where I’ve realized what’s helpful, and what’s not; who sticks around, and who goes. My biggest lesson so far: The street shows no love.

Before coming to LightHouse I was sometimes inappropriate and ignorant. Often I did not respect my elders.

But when I came to LightHouse, everything changed. My life has taken another direction thanks to the people around me. I’m happy here because the people here tell me that I can be the person to change my own life and that I can have a positive impact on my community. I can show everybody that something great can come out of Holyoke.

I’ve learned that it’s my responsibility to lead my life. People at LightHouse are here to help me wake up, but it’s my work to live positively. I’m on it.

5 Comments on “I’m on it.”

  1. Joseph Ortiz

    That’s rite bro you gotta move forward every day and learning from your mistakes iso only gunna help you become a wiser person I’m proud of you to here your doing good and that you looking to better your self

  2. Aurelis Troncoso

    So proud of the warrior you evolving into! I’m honored to form a part of your journey. Keep rising!


    I am very happy to hear you talk like everything is in one and the desire that you put in everything you want to be not afraid to stumble because of the setbacks so well .pues learn is brave fall and rise

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