Valley Gives Day was May 2, 2017

Thank you! Your gift matters.

Together you raised $12,800 for LightHouse on Valley Gives Day, and then you helped us win $3,350 prizes from Valley Gives, for a grand total of $16,150! Thank you!

The whole world of education is talking about creativity, project-based learning, real-world skill development, and student-directed learning. LightHouse is doing it. Not only that, we are doing it with an incredibly diverse student body who are learning at least as much from each other as they are from their classes and projects. Thank you for helping to make it possible.

Not too late.

Did you mean to give but the day got away from you? No problem! We invite you to join our Sustainers Program with an automatic monthly gift of $5.

Please enjoy our series of I AM videos that led up to Valley Gives.  Take a look.

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Info for donors: Where does your money go?

LightHouse currently has a total operating budget of $230,000, which puts us in the medium category for local nonprofits. This total covers all of our expenses: rent, insurances, utilities, staff, materials. We have just one part-time administrator at LightHouse, our beloved Office Manager, who in truth spends as much time acting as confidante and den mother to the students who flock around her desk as anything else. All other staff salaries are for directly working with our students and families. LightHouse is a new nonprofit with no budget for extras. All dollars go directly to providing space and services to our students.

The majority of our income comes in through tuition. Every family at LightHouse pays something to be here. Everyone has a financial commitment. There are no full scholarships. Partial scholarships are awarded based on documented need. Every family requesting aid goes through our application process which relies on an independent, third party vendor which reviews their financial records and makes an impersonal recommendation on what the family might be expected to afford. LightHouse uses this recommendation to make a personalized offer to each family.

LightHouse is committed to Holyoke and surrounding areas, and to working with many students who would not otherwise have access to a program like ours. Currently more than 80{5b128d0e93d7a9f6330c62ad07a90d114acff0a757d73b21460feebca967f67c} of our families require some amount of scholarship in order to attend. In many cases the scholarships we offer are quite substantial.

We are able to offer these scholarships almost entirely due to individual gifts like yours. LightHouse does not receive any state or federal funding. We do not receive any major foundation funding, though we hope to in the future. At present we are only in our second year, and not a strong candidate for major foundation support, though we are applying.

valley gives I amvalley gives I am

Special thanks to our 2017 Valley Gives matching donors: Bueno y Sano, Froebel Insurance, Bresnahan Insurance, Conklin Furniture, and Phillips Insurance.

LightHouse has received several small grants for which we are very grateful, including from The Carlos Vega Social Justice Grant, The Holyoke Cultural Council, and the MA Cultural Council through the Starz program.

In addition, LightHouse has received substantial support from local businesses through gifts, class sponsorships, direct scholarships, and in-kind gifts. We are deeply grateful to The Law Offices of Mark E. Salomone, the William O. & Carole P. Bailey Family Foundation, Northfire Recording Studio, Professional Drywall, Terrence Bernard Construction, Bueno y Sano, The Cubit Building, The STEAM Building, Last Call Media, Big Voodoo Interactive, Wheelhouse Strategies, Nerd Summit, Bresnahan Insurance, The United Congregational Church, and others. We could not offer our innovative programming without their support.

But the bulk of our support comes through individual gifts, like yours. Each of our donors gives what they can, and together it adds up, and changes lives. Thank you for helping to create possibility for our students who need you.

LightHouse students define themselves. With support from advisors and our entire community, our students develop vision for their own futures, take ownership of it, and build the skills to make it happen. Our students tell us who they are and who they want to become. We offer the space and support for them to say: I Am.

More than 80{5b128d0e93d7a9f6330c62ad07a90d114acff0a757d73b21460feebca967f67c} of our students require substantial scholarship in order to attend LightHouse. This is made possible through gifts like yours.

Trajectories are changing at LightHouse. Dreams are in development. Possibility is on the table. Because of you.

Thank you!

LightHouse is a registered 501(c)3 and all donations are entirely tax deductible.

  • $10,000 provides a full scholarship for a student who needs it.
  • $2500 provides one semester of classes in our Maker Space.
  • $500 covers the cost of a trip to an inspiring event on a nearby college campus.
  • $100 provides for one week of one-on-one tutorials.

  • $5000 pays for an inspiring class for a year.
  • $1000 provides books and materials for a class for one year.
  • $200 provides one month of healthy snacks purchased through a local food coop.
  • $50 buys one used guitar for a beginning student to learn on.

You can also mail checks to:

LightHouse Holyoke
208 Race St.
Holyoke, MA 01040

Or Become a Sustainer by making a monthly pledge.

Monthly gifts give LightHouse a steady and predictable source of income at much lower administrative costs than other sources of fundraising, allowing us to use your gifts directly for programming.

Become a Sustainer

“We make a living by what we get,
but we make a life by what we give.”

—Winston Churchill