Graduation Planning

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By // December 8, 2016

This year will be the first that we will have students moving on from LightHouse to next steps…careers, colleges, job training programs, armed services…a whole variety of futures unfolding. This group of eight teens is really excited to have a LightHouse “graduation,” which left us with the conundrum of figuring out what a LightHouse graduation actually is!

As with everything else we do, there is no set plan for what a graduation looks like…we didn’t even know we were going to have a graduation, per se, until the teens told us they wanted one. This is what is so empowering about our model—now the teens get to work to design what they want their graduation to be. No two graduations will ever look the same, either, because each year’s ceremony will be based on the personalities and visions of the graduating students.

This is really the epitome of the LightHouse process. Instead of presenting a pre-packaged graduation, we are able to design something that is wholly reflective of the teens, their values, and what they want their graduation ceremony to be about. It is a human-centered approach; a personalized capstone to a personalized education.

At our graduation there are sure to be freestyle performances.

And probably some pretty serious dance moves.

There will be inside jokes.

There will be celebrations of each individual for who they are.

And there’s definitely going to be a lot of laughing.

Now that’s a graduation I look forward to being a part of.



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