Going Virtual

By // March 13, 2020

Hello from LightHouse!

March 13, 2020

Strange days, indeed

Following the directive from Holyoke Public Schools, our facility will be closed for the next two weeks, until March 30. We won’t be able to host students onsite, but LightHouse will remain open, as a temporary virtual academy.

Students will hold daily facetime or phone call meetings with their advisor, attend online classes and tutorials, and complete and submit work online

All agree that this is unfortunate and inconvenient, but we also agree with health professionals that limiting and slowing the spread of the virus is in the best interest of all of us because it will help us to stay within the limits of our current health care capacity

This is not a decision that anyone is making lightly

We have spent the week preparing for this potentiality, and we’re ready to temporarily switch to virtual, remote learning as of Monday

Everything is a learning opportunity, even a global pandemic. Challenges and uncertain times also give us all the opportunity to call on our best selves, and to really show up as the community-focused heroes we each know ourselves to be. We hope and believe that the serious challenges of this moment will bring us closer together as a supportive community, even as we physically stay apart

As always, thanks for being in it with us, and for being role models to our young people as they seek safety, stability, and guidance while finding their ways through our shifting landscape

With Gratitude,

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