Floor Plan!

By // July 7, 2015

In this new adventure of opening a center for personalized education, Josiah and I knew that there would be challenges.  Some things we could imagine, and we’ve had experience with, like working with teens and families, building and connecting with community, developing a staff…

We knew hypothetically that there would be challenges previously unimagined, but we did not ever guess that some of those challenges would have to do with lumens…  How many light fixtures per square foot, and what kind of fixtures, which ones exactly…  Where should the switches go, and the wall plugs…

These are all great problems to have, of course, and it’s been really fun figuring it out.  Luckily one of our board members is an interior designer and she has been instrumental in helping us come up with a really strong vision.  Thank you, Sarah Reid!

We’ve also had amazing support from Terrence Bernhard, the facilities manager and general contractor for the STEAM building.  We’re very grateful for his guidance, and patience! as we figure this all out.

The layout design is finished!  You can see the photo above.  Our drywall and windows have arrived, and the electrician is hopefully installing our fuse box right now.

We haven’t finalized the rest of the design elements yet, but we’re going for a modern aesthetic.  Clean and open, but also welcoming and comfortable.  A cross between Google and Barnes and Noble, if that makes sense.  We feel strongly that everyone deserves a beautiful space to learn in.

Very soon you’ll all be invited over to see it! Stay tuned!

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