Dear LightHouse

By // April 15, 2020

Video message from staff to students

Online just isn’t the same… though we’re making the best of it and TONS of learning is happening. All the classes are going strong, and tutorials and independent study projects, too. Our engagement is nearly 100%.

And- we’re certainly looking forward to seeing your beautiful faces in person ASAP. We have staff meeting on Zoom every afternoon, and you are all we talk about.

Click the link below to see it. (one minute long)
Dear LightHouse Video
Not too late!
Students can still jump in on classes in progress and/or begin new projects with or without a tutor. We may never have such a window of opportunity again- a prolonged period with minimal distractions, when you can really focus on the thing you always wanted to learn- Guitar? Spanish? How to draw cats?

Let us know how we can support you.
Some Questions and Requests
The staff is brainstorming some ways to increase our connection and engagement, and to keep some of our scheduled events, like the art show.

Could you take a look at the survey we emailed you and chime in on the things that would or would not be of interest to you?

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