Block One of the 2023-2024 year begins on Tuesday, September and continues through Friday, December 14th.

From the text by Matthew Desmond: “In the past 50 years, scientists have mapped the entire human genome and eradicated smallpox. Here in the United States, infant-mortality rates and deaths from heart disease have fallen by roughly 70 percent, and the average American has gained almost a decade of life. Climate change was recognized as an existential threat. The internet was invented.” On the problem of poverty, though, there has been no real improvement — just a long stasis.”In this course, we will read and discuss the 2023 book, “Poverty, by America” by Pulitzer Prize winning author, Matthew Desmond. A blend of history, sociology, politics, ethics, and meaningful stories, this text will help us understand what poverty is, how it works, and how and why it persists within our wealthy society. Students are expected to read outside of class time and arrive prepared for in-depth discussions on complicated topics. Prior knowledge is not required, but students should take on this class with a commitment to devote focus and time to meet high expectations. This is a college prep course with frequent written reflection assignments as well as a final research project.GOALS over the next thirteen weeks we will:

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