Block Two of the 2022-2023 goes from Tuesday, January 3rd through Friday, March 24th.

This studio art course introduces practice-based aspects of public art and mural painting, focusing on art as both personal growth and community development. The course will begin with planning and practice sessions along with reviewing different styles of public art. The course combines an immersive design and conceptualization process for participants to find their inner artist, resulting in a large-scale mural painting here at LightHouse- or maybe two!

The objective of this course is for participants to work together as a group, explore and develop their ideas visually, and consider the impact of public art in communities. Through this course, participants will learn how murals can be created to promote cultural awareness, express community values, and beautify public spaces. Creating murals can foster teamwork, originality, and a sense of pride and ownership in one's community. The course incorporates a social outreach component by creating a collective mural as both a representation of and a gift to the LightHouse community.

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