Block One of the 2023-2024 year begins on Tuesday, September and continues through Friday, December 14th.

Don't think you are a writer, or are you already working on your next bestseller? Is reading a painful chore, or are stories and books your best friends? Or somewhere in between? Lit Lab is for you! This lab class is designed to meet the needs of students at all levels of reading and writing skill. We will individualize each student's path to confidence and increasingly advanced literacy skills. Students will be exposed to new and perhaps strange ways of thinking about reading and writing. (For example, "Writing is talking!") Literature Lab is appropriate for students of all ages, as well as comfort-levels with writing and reading. Students will have the opportunity to access Lit Lab for help with specific projects in other classes or their independent studies, or to develop college-level writing skills, or for personal goals they have in almost any area. We will also explore research skills for a variety of purposes. Because reading and writing are critical to all other pursuits, individual students can develop projects in this lab that span a wide range of topics. We may develop book clubs, reading circles, peer-editing circles, small writing collaboratives, local artist outreach efforts, publication parties or other groups depending on student interest. Students can develop the following competencies from our Light Cycle competency based curriculum: Voice, Effective Communication, and Effective Research. Students interested in advanced study will have the opportunity to practice Advanced Research. In addition, all students will have the opportunity to focus on any competency they desire, since reading and writing skills apply to all parts of life. Our "Light Cycle" curriculum document will be a shared, group text we explore throughout the Block. All other reading material will be individualized by student interest, unless groups of students choose to form book clubs or reading circles based on a shared text.


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