Block One of the 2023-2024 year begins on Tuesday, September and continues through Friday, December 14th.

Do you want to learn about evolution, and the many interesting things it can do? How modern animals originated? How energy flows in a forest? Why antelope jump straight in the air to taunt lions, and why naked mole rats are Like That? This class will cover standard introductory biology, with an emphasis on evolution, ecology, and organismal biology. We will learn about mechanisms of evolution, the nuances of natural selection., and the history of life. We will cover the related field of genetics and a bit of embryology. We will discuss the important terms and concepts of ecology, including energy flow and population growth. Our class will focus mostly on the whole organism, rather than individual cells and molecules; we will cover them mostly as they relate to genetics. Human physiology will be covered at the end of the trimester if time permits.

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