Block Two of the 2022-2023 goes from Tuesday, January 3rd through Friday, March 24th.

Co-taught by Aidan Lane (Mondays) and John Gobron (Wednesdays). Mondays will focus on Holyoke PAST (and present.) LightHouse is one of the first planned cities in the world. How and when did that happen? HOW does urban blight happen in Holyoke and in other cities? Mondays with Aidan will focus on exploring this history and our neighborhoods and connecting with our local resources and historians.

How does urban renewal happen? Other cities have found their ways back from decay and decline. How did they do it? What is happening now in Holyoke to move us in that direction. In addition to connecting with local leaders and organizers, Wednesdays will focus on envisioning an improved city, using AI and other software to actually visualize those possibilities, culminating in an art show to publicly share some of these ideas and visions.

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