Block Two of the 2022-2023 goes from Tuesday, January 3rd through Friday, March 24th.

This will be a text and discussion based class. At its core Emergent Strategy is a book about racial justice. Emergent is defined as, "The process of coming into being or becoming prominent." This course will be about understanding that we can make individual changes in how we see each other and the world. The author of the text says it best, "I think there are many ways to find that simple path within ourselves, and I think that those of us who wish to see a truly, radically different world must demand of ourselves the possibility that we are called to lead not from right to left, or from minority to majority, but from spirit towards liberation." This class is founded on the concept that we all have infinite potential. If you have wanted the tools to create change while keeping your power, or are interested in changing oppressive systems, this is the class for you.

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