Block Two of the 2022-2023 goes from Tuesday, January 3rd through Friday, March 24th.

This class will go over the basics of Linux and the command line, including how to use tools like git, bash, and gcc to write programs and automate tasks. We will use single board computers similar to a raspberry pi. We will learn to install Linux, practice the command line and hopefully the GUI, learn to write scripts to automate tasks, and use these tools to start writing our own programs. If any students have spare or old laptops they are alright with losing the data on, we may also try out Linux on them. This class is a good pick for anyone who wants to learn a new operating system, the standard tools used in programming and IT jobs, or how to make a program interact with their files and do useful things. Prior programming experience is not required, but a general comfort around unfamiliar technology helps.

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