Finding Hope Again: A Family’s Story

By // May 9, 2017

One parent’s moving story of her family’s experience finding LightHouse. When I was first asked to tell our story I really struggled with it. We have talked about it over time with many people, but to put it out there in writing was much different. How could I say everything in a short story that would help people realize the true … Read More

Imagine Loving Learning

By // March 29, 2017

From a LightHouse Parent: “Imagine a teenager who loves school, thinks there are too many vacation days in an academic year, and believes summers are too long… That’s our daughter, Alice. She became a LightHouse student last year, at age 13. She’s always loved learning and spent her earlier years at home with her dad and younger brother. When she … Read More

This is our story

parent story

By // April 29, 2016

As part of the LightHouse Holyoke family, this is our story. Last September Faith and I found ourselves at a stand still. We had no school that she could attend and actually stay in. So we searched around and through a good friend we heard of LightHouse. Excited, we scheduled a meeting with Nelson Roman and Josiah Litant. To our … Read More

My Son’s Future

parent testimonial

By // April 20, 2016

My son has been attending lighthouse for almost a whole school year and I just want to say that my worries were over when my son became a student. Being in a regular school setting was extremely hard for my child. His grades were suffering. His anxiety levels were always high. He was sick all the time. I was afraid … Read More

Parent Story

By // April 8, 2016

From a parent: “As soon as I walk into Lighthouse with my daughter, I see her demeanor change.  She seems happier, at ease, lighter, engaged with her world.  The space is beautiful, but it is even more beautiful to see what happens to my daughter when she enters it. Instead of dreading her classes like at her old school, she … Read More