Block Three!

By // March 19, 2020

It worked! We had a week of online classes! We’re so impressed by the students’ ability and willingness to dive in. No one wished for this, of course, but some aspects are actually kind of fun.

More Soon.

But for now we know you are all dying to see the Block Three schedule which will begin online on Monday, March 30. Classes are up! (in the google calendar. They will be posted on the website tomorrow.)

You can begin registering with your advisor this Monday, March 23.
In addition to group classes, we have several tutors available. Tyler, Clancy, Chan, and Lidiana will be happy for the hours during this slow-down, so help us keep them busy! Math, English, Social Studies, Spanish, and more. Please talk to your advisor about what could be useful.

FRIDAY: Ashley and Carlos are in the process of putting together some online group games, chats, and virtual field trips. More on this ASAP.
Please let us know if you need a computer at home, or anything else. Holyoke Public Schools is giving free lunch and breakfast to any Holyoke residents. Five sites will be open each day M-F from 8:30am to 12:30pm.  Students can come and receive breakfast & lunch. Sites: HHS North; Kelly school; Donahue school; Sullivan school; Lawrence school. 

We’re in this together. Please be in touch anytime.


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