By // July 12, 2015

Our interior walls are going up THIS WEEK, they tell me.  Our exterior windows will be installed as well.  Very soon our 3800 sq. ft. will be entirely transformed.  You who are with us from these beginning moments are our founding visionaries!  Thank you!  Your support, faith, encouragement, and vision are essential.  We are building something big, and we can only do it together.

The Innovation District is certainly the right place for us, because what we are doing is absolutely cutting edge.  Together we are envisioning and creating a future built on passion, meaning, connection, respect, and possibility.  We are reimagining what education can be, because our changing world demands it, and because our teens deserve it.

We believe that the best preparation for a meaningful and successful future is a meaningful and successful present.  So we’re building a space and a program where that can happen.  Right now. No need to wait until after high school or after college or after retirement or after anything to create a life that feels engaging, positive, and productive.  We’re building it now so that young people can begin, now.

Enjoy these BEFORE photos.  AFTER photos coming soon, and they’re going to be beautiful.

before 2

The main entrance. Soon those doors behind me will be glass.


Standing in the soon-to-be Common Room, outside the soon-to-be Music Studio.

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