By // March 25, 2020

Hopefully you’ve all had a chance to take a look at Block Three classes and connect with your advisor. If not, please be in touch! This is the last week of Block Two. Time for Evaluations! These tend to go through better on a computer than on phones, so if you have access to a computer, go for that. HERE’S … Read More


By // March 24, 2020

Happy Tuesday! This week we get to: Register for block three classes Complete Block Two Class Evaluations Complete Block Two Self Evaluations Complete Block Two Credit Sheets Take on new projects WooHOO! We’ll be busy! Block Three classes are up on the website If you haven’t seen them yet, or you find the google calendar to be unworkable, you can … Read More

Lights On at LightHouse

By // March 20, 2020

Turns out that online learning is actually pretty fun. Along with Near-Everything-in-the-Known-World, LightHouse is closed onsite until at least April 7. In a feat of amazing (if we do say so), LightHouse closed its physical doors on Friday, March 13 and opened them again online on Monday, March 16. Not bad. Our incredible staff made this happen with such immediacy … Read More


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Hello from LightHouse! What to do today? For some this all may be incredibly boring… AND, it’s also an incredible opportunity. CAN’T go out? CAN’T work? Suddenly tons of time? We are in a really difficult moment, no question. It’s also the chance of a lifetime to learn the thing you’ve been holding in the back of your mind that … Read More

Block Three!

By // March 19, 2020

It worked! We had a week of online classes! We’re so impressed by the students’ ability and willingness to dive in. No one wished for this, of course, but some aspects are actually kind of fun. More Soon. But for now we know you are all dying to see the Block Three schedule which will begin online on Monday, March … Read More

Online Day Three

By // March 18, 2020

Systems Go! Plan in Action: Our facility at LightHouse is closed for the time being, but we are open.Yesterday was our first day of online classes, and so far so good! Love to hear any feedback on how it’s going for each of you. Hopefully you are all in communication with your advisors. If that’s not working, please let me … Read More

Virtual World Day Two

By // March 17, 2020

There are some good things about this strange moment. Huge thanks to Ashley and her husband, Jacob, for coming in and giving a much-needed deep clean to our supply closet! If it didn’t come through yesterday, here’s the plan: Following the directive from the governor, all school buildings will be closed until April 7. Our facility at LightHouse is closed, … Read More

New World Day One

By // March 16, 2020

Hello from LightHouse! Welcome to our strange, new world! We’re here with you figuring it out. Things are changing quickly in this unprecedented moment, but please be confident that we are here and will stay connected. We will continue learning together while our onsite space is closed. We will be in touch every day with updates.Unfortunately, along with most everything … Read More

Going Virtual

By // March 13, 2020

Hello from LightHouse! March 13, 2020 Strange days, indeed Following the directive from Holyoke Public Schools, our facility will be closed for the next two weeks, until March 30. We won’t be able to host students onsite, but LightHouse will remain open, as a temporary virtual academy. Students will hold daily facetime or phone call meetings with their advisor, attend … Read More

First Graduation Press Release

By // May 31, 2017

As the entire education establishment in Holyoke is working feverishly to improve their graduation rate, LightHouse Holyoke is playing an important role, holding their first graduation on Friday, June 9. LightHouse Holyoke is a personalized middle and high school alternative just finishing their second year in downtown Holyoke. “It’s been incredibly satisfying to join the community here in Holyoke and … Read More