By // March 31, 2020

College Acceptance Letters Rolling In!

Many of our seniors applied to four year schools for next year, and the acceptance letters are pouring in. So exciting. Our students have had yesses from over a dozen schools, including Emmanuel College, UMass Dartmouth, UMass Boston, Hampshire College, University of Maine… and many, many more. Lots of choices available for students graduating from LightHouse. Congratulations, Seniors! We’re so proud!

Block Three

Today was the first day of Block Three. Off to a great start! Questions? Need to add a class? Please be in touch.

Self Evals

Lots of work at the end of a block. Please find the time to complete this survey TODAY, before Block Two is all a distant memory.

We ask students to complete a self-eval survey at the end of each block. We use it to track your progress over time. We believe that a LightHouse education supports students to develop a strong growth mindset and brighter world view. We believe that we are teaching you to become the leader of your own life and to see the world as a place of opportunity where you have the skills and confidence to achieve your own goals.

This self eval helps us track whether or not that growth is happening. Your feedback helps us see where you might need more support, and it helps us see whether or not we are doing our jobs well.  Part of the form asks you to give feedback on your advisor relationship so we can know how and where to focus and improve.

The self eval should take about 10-15 minutes. THANK YOU for making the time. It really does matter.


This Friday

Last week’s virtual group tour of Disney was super fun! This Friday we are going on a tour of the Great Wall of China and then we are playing an online Pictionary game. 1:00-3:00. Join us!

Wish List

LightHouse is giving computers to students who need them. We still have a few to give away, but our extended community is large and there is lots of need. If you have a functioning laptop that you can let go of please let us know and we will deliver it to a young person who needs it.

In addition, we need keyboards and mice for some of the computers that we have otherwise ready to go. Please be in touch if you have any you could donate.

We also added some to our Amazon Wish List if you’d like to take a look.  THANK YOU!

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