Finding your own motivation to succeed

By // March 27, 2015

This post is written by guest blogger Joan Shulman, a member of the Board of Directors of LightHouse Holyoke. I’d like to pickup on the chicken/road theory discussed by Catherine in the previous post. One sentence in particular really struck a chord with me: The person who is motivated by their own desires and vision will work through and around … Read More

Chickens and Roads: Why Compulsory Schooling is Unnecessary

By // March 19, 2015

Following is a repost of a piece I originally wrote about compulsory schooling for my blog at The Huffington Post in 2013.  It caused a minor stir there at the time.  It’s a pretty radical idea, this non-compulsory education.  Still radical two years later?  See what you think:   I work at a teen educational program where students have full … Read More

Lucky us! Making Holyoke connections

By // March 9, 2015

Lucky for us, LightHouse doesn’t have all the resources it needs- not even close- and so we absolutely have to make partnerships and connections and collaborate. LightHouse can’t just plop itself down in Holyoke and open for business, we don’t have the money.  How lucky is that?! This scarcity creates the necessity to build a network and get input.  What’s … Read More

Impressed by innovation

By // March 6, 2015

We got to attend the annual meeting of the Holyoke Innovation District (HID) yesterday, at the Massachusetts Green High Performance Computing Center. We are hoping to locate LightHouse in the area of the first canal/Race St. (right in the midst of the HID), so we wanted to learn about the great work that’s been happening in this part of town…and there’s … Read More